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We use cookies to personalize content and ads of our website, to bring you social media functions, and to analyze the traffic to our website. We also share the collected data with our partners, who in turn may use it for social media, advertisement and analysis.


Cookie privacy

As written in the Italian law we inform the users who visit our website about our usage of cookies. This document can be seen as an informative sheet about the cookies we use. In addition on this page you can find some instructions and tips to deactivate this service. We would furthermore like to inform you that the majority of the browsers used worldwide automatically accept the usage of cookies. If you want to avoid this you have to deactivate or cancel them in your browser settings. With the deactivation of cookies it may happen that you cannot use all the services of our website.


What are cookies?

Cookies can be described as small textual lines of the visited websites that are saved on the computer of the user by the browser. By the time the user returns to one of the saved pages the browser reads the cookies saved on the computer and transmits them to the server of the website.

  • Technical cookie: This type of cookie provides the users all the functions and services of a certain website. It is also used for authentication processes, for online registrations of web sessions and for the storage of information about the website itself.

  • Profiling cookie: This type of cookie is used to optimize the personalized advertising on the internet in general, using the storage of searching habits of the user.


Google Analytics

This website also uses Google Analytics, a service that helps the provider of the website analyzing certain user data, such as the number of visitors, the browsers used etc. Google Analytics® does not save personal data – the data are only transmitted in code.

Google Analytics saves the following types of cookies:

Name cookie


Saving time


This cookie distinguishes the various users.

2 years


This cookie limits the transmitted requests.

10 minutes


This cookie is used to identify and specify the user.

2 years


This cookie registers the exact moment a user has accessed a website. Together with the _umtc cookie it helps to estimate the duration of the web session.

30 minutes, or until the user closes the website


With this cookie the system registers the duration of the web session.

The cookie is cancelled in the moment the user closes the website.


This cookie limits the transmitted requests.

10 minutes


This cookie registers the sources of the visitors (search engines, partner websites etc).

6 months


If you do not give your consent on using and storing your cookies by Google Analytics you can download an add-on for your browser here.

Other Cookies

Name cookie


Saving time


This cookie is used to avoid a second display of the same banner.

1 year


Deactivation of cookies


Cookies by third party suppliers

The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance gives the users a guideline to deactivate cookies by third party suppliers on its website.

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